Ishiatama (石頭 – Hard Head)

  • Ishiatama


    Several days ago, I introduced you to the Japanese term ‘majime‘ (真面目 – serious/earnest).

    In addition, on another day, I introduced ‘kimajime‘ (生真面目 – too serious/earnest), which has a similar meaning to ‘majime’ and a bad nuance.

    There is another term that is used in a similar way as ‘kimajime’; it is ‘ishiatama‘ (石頭).

    Ishi‘ (石) means “stone” and ‘atama‘ (頭) means “head.”
    「石」は “stone,” 「頭」は “head” を意味します。

    That is to say, ‘isiatama’ literally means that someone has a stiff head as if it is a stone and is inflexible.

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