Kimajime (生真面目 – Too Serious/Earnest)

  • Kimajime


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the term ‘majime‘ (まじめ), which means “serious” or “earnest.”
    昨日は “serious” や “earnest” を意味する日本語「まじめ」を紹介しました。

    ‘Majime’ is often used as a good sense, but some people think that to be too serious/earnest is not a good personality because such a person lacks flexibility.

    If you want to describe a person who is too ‘majime’ (serious/earnest), you can use the term ‘kimajime‘ (生真面目), which is made by adding ‘ki‘ (生 – “pure/fresh”) to ‘majime’.
    このように、まじめすぎる人を表すには、「まじめ」に “pure/fresh” を意味する「生」をつけて、「生真面目」と言います。

    Of course, ‘kimajime’ can be used as a good sense (such as “very earnest”), but it includes negative nuances in most cases.

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