Shira wo Kiru (しらを切る – Playing Innocent)

  • Shira wo Kiru


    Have you ever pretended you don’t know something, even though you know it?

    Such an action is referred to as ‘shira wo kiru‘ (しらを切る) in Japanese.

    There are two theories about the etymology of ‘shira‘ (しら); one is that it is short for ‘shiranu‘ (知らぬ – literally “don’t know”), and the other is that it comes from ‘shira‘ (白 – literally “white”), which means “pure” or “serious.”

    In addition, ‘kiru‘ (切る) usually means “to cut,” but here it means “to take a noticeable action or attitude.”
    「切る」は通常 “to cut” を意味しますが、ここでは「際立った行動や態度をとる」ことを意味します。

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