【No. 0】
Nisshin Geppo (日進月歩 – Fast Progressing)

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    Nisshin Geppo


    Information technology, especially security technology, continually progresses day by day.

    When describing such a fact, we use the four-character idiom ‘nisshin geppo‘ (日進月歩).

    ni/nichi‘ (日) means “day,” ‘shin‘ (進) means “progress,” ‘ge/getsu‘ (月) means “month,” and ‘po/ho‘ (歩) means “walk” or “stride.”
    「日」は “day,” 「進」は “progress,” 「月」は “month,” 「歩」は “walk/stride” を意味します。

    It is thought that this idiom was made by composing ‘jitsugetsu‘ (日月 – “day and month”) and ‘shinpo‘ (進歩 – “progress”).
    この言葉は、”day and month” を意味する「日月」と、”progress” を意味する「進歩」を融合して作られた言葉だと考えられています。

    That is to say, 日進月歩 means that something continue to progress day by day/month by month.

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