Houkou Onchi / Undō Onchi (方向音痴 / 運動音痴)

  • Houkou Onchi / Undō Onchi


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese term ‘onchi‘ (音痴), which means “tone deaf.”

    There are several terms that were derived from this ‘onchi’ — ‘houkou onchi‘ (方向音痴), ‘undō onchi‘ (運動音痴), etc.

    Houkou‘ (方向) means “direction,” and ‘undō‘ (運動) means “sport” or “exercise.”
    「方向」は “direction,” 「運動」は “sport” や “exercise” を意味します。

    In addition, ‘onchi’ (音痴) can mean a poor ability/sense of not only singing but also a specific one.

    That is to say, ‘houkou onchi’ means a person who has no sense of direction and is often get lost, and ‘undō onchi’ means a person who has poor sports ability.

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