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Otesū Desuga (お手数ですが – I’m Sorry to Trouble You)

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    Otesū Desuga


    When asking someone to do a task in a business setting, we often use the phrase otesū desuga (お手数ですが).

    O (お) is a polite prefix, te (手) means “hand,” (数) means “number,” and desuga (ですが) is an adversative conjunction.
    「お」は丁寧の接頭辞、「手」は “hand”、「数」は “number”、「ですが」は逆接の接続詞です。

    Here, tesū (手数) is an idiom, meaning to labor/make an effort for someone else.

    The English equivalent of otesū desuga is something like “I’m sorry to trouble you, but…”

    If you want to say it more politely, you can say otesū wo okake shimasuga (お手数をおかけしますが) or otesū wo okake shite kyōshuku desuga (お手数をおかけして恐縮ですが) instead.

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