Idobata Kaigi (井戸端会議 – Small Talk)

  • Idobata Kaigi


    I sometimes see idobata kaigi (井戸端会議) when walking around my town.

    Idobata kaigi is when housewives have small talk or gossip.

    Since ido (井戸) means “well,” bata/hata (端) means “side,” and kaigi (会議) means “meeting,” the literal meaning of idobata kaigi is a meeting at the well.
    「井戸」は “well”、「端」は “side”、「会議」は “meeting” を意味するので、「井戸端会議」の文字どおりの意味は “a meeting at the well” となります。

    In the past, when there was no indoor water supply and public wells were commonly used, housewives gathered at the wells to draw water and wash clothes.

    Housewives often enjoyed small talk and gossip near the well, so such talk between intervals of housework came to be referred to as idobata kaigi (井戸端会議).

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