Meishi (名刺 – Business/Name Card)

  • Meishi


    Today, I designed a meishi (名刺) for my new position, then requested a specialized vendor to print it.

    Meishi means “business card” or “name card,” which is a very important item in Japanese business situations because exchanging business cards is a customary practice in Japan.
    名刺は “business card” または “name card” のことで、日本のビジネス現場では名刺交換が習慣化していることから、非常に重要なアイテムです。

    Here, mei (名) means “name,” and shi (刺) means “wooden or bamboo plate.”
    「名」は “name”、「刺」は「木や竹の札」を意味します。

    Business cards originated in China, and people used to write their names on wooden or bamboo plates to let others know they had come. This is thought to be the origin of the word meishi.

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