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Business Cards in Japan

  • Business Cards in Japan


    Yesterday, I introduced the word meishi (名刺), which means “business/name card.”
    昨日、”business/name card” を意味する「名刺」という言葉を紹介しました。

    In Japanese business situations, people usually perform meishi kōkan (名刺交換) when they meet each other for the first time.

    Since kōkan (交換) means “exchange,” meishi kōkan literally means “exchanging business cards.”
    「交換」は “exchange” を意味するので、「名刺交換」は文字通り “an exchange of business cards” を意味します。

    Exchanging business cards in Japan is a part of the greeting, and the procedure is very formal and even ritualistic.

    Unfortunately, there are various etiquette requirements involved in exchanging business cards. Therefore, most Japanese companies provide opportunities for new employees to learn about the manners of this greeting.

    Tomorrow, I will introduce the etiquette of exchanging business cards in Japan.

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