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Etiquette of Exchanging Business Cards: Part 2

  • Etiquette of Exchanging Business Cards: Part 2

    名刺交換のマナー Part 2

    When you receive a business card, do not put it in your pocket or a card case, but place it on the table.

    Placing it on top of your business card holder is even better.

    If you receive business cards from multiple people, place them in a line and do not stack them on top of each other.

    It is better to place the business card of the person with the most senior position on top of your business card holder.

    After the meeting/discussion is over, put the business cards in your holder.

    Moreover, there are various detailed etiquette rules, such as “do not give/receive business cards across the table” and “do not cover name or the company logo with your finger when receiving a business card.”

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