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Etiquette of Exchanging Business Cards: Part 1

  • Etiquette of Exchanging Business Cards: Part 1

    名刺交換のマナー Part 1

    There are various kinds of etiquette in exchanging business cards in Japan.

    First, a person of lower rank should present their business card before a person of higher rank does so.

    Here, you should hold the business card in both hands and briefly introduce yourself, including your name and affiliation.

    If the higher-ranking person introduced themselves first, it is better for the lower-ranking person to say a simple apology.

    When only one person presents a business card, the other person should receive it with both hands.

    When two people exchange business cards simultaneously, both hold out their business cards with their right hand and receive the other’s cards with their left hand.

    At this time, the lower-ranking person should hold out their card at a lower position than the position of the higher-ranking person’s business card.

    (To be continued in part 2)
    (Part 2 に続く。)

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