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Kasumi wo Kū (霞を食う – Life in an Ivory Tower)

  • Kasumi wo Kū


    The expression kasumi wo kū (霞を食う) is sometimes used as a metaphor for life in an ivory tower or life with almost no income and food.

    Since kasumi (霞) means “haze,” and (食う) means “to eat,” the literal meaning of kasumi wo kū is “to eat haze.”
    「霞」は “haze”、「食う」は “to eat” を意味するので、「霞を食う」の文字どおりの意味は “to eat haze” となります。

    In Japan, it is said that mountain hermits eat haze to live.

    In other words, the expression kasumi wo kū describes people like mountain hermits beyond human beings.

    In the near future, I may need to eat something like haze to live.

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