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Fūfu Genka wa Inu mo Kuwanu (夫婦喧嘩は犬も食わぬ – One should not Interfere in Lover’s Quarrels)

  • Fūfu Genka wa Inu mo Kuwanu


    Marital quarrels are easily triggered by trivial matters and tend to be quickly resolved.

    Therefore, you need not worry too seriously about other couples’ quarrels.

    To express such a situation, you can use the Japanese proverb, fūfu genka wa inu mo kuwanu (夫婦喧嘩は犬も食わぬ).

    Since fūfu (夫婦) means “married couple,” kenka (喧嘩) means “quarrel,” inu (犬) means “dog,” kū/kuwa (食う/食わ) means “to eat,” and nu (ぬ) is a negative suffix, the literal meaning of this proverb is “even dogs would not eat marital quarrels.”
    「夫婦」は “married couple”、「喧嘩」は “quarrel”、「犬」は “dog”、「食う/食わ」は “to eat”、「ぬ」は否定の接尾辞であるため、このことわざの文字どおりの意味は “even dogs do not eat marital quarrels” となります。

    In other words, dogs eat most things, but even they are not interested in marital quarrels.

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