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Suteru Kami Areba Hirou Kami Ari (捨てる神あれば拾う神あり – When One Door Shuts Another Opens)

  • Suteru Kami Areba Hirou Kami Ari


    When you are in trouble, some people may heartlessly leave you alone.

    On the other hand, some people will kindly try to help you, so there is no need to be discouraged.

    To describe such a fact, you can use the Japanese proverb, suteru kami areba hirou kami ari (捨てる神あれば拾う神あり).

    Since suteru (捨てる) means “to discard,” kami (神) means “god,” and hirou (拾う) means “to pick up,” the literal meaning of this proverb is “while some gods discard you, some gods pick you up.”
    「捨てる」は “to “、「神」は “god”、「拾う」は “” を意味するので、このことわざの文字どおりの意味は “” となります。

    This unique Japanese proverb derives from the belief that various gods exist everywhere in nature.

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