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Jigoku no Icchōme (地獄の一丁目 – Edge of Hell)

  • Jigoku no Icchōme


    Today could have been jigoku no icchōme (地獄の一丁目) for me.

    This phrase is used to describe an entrance to ruin or hardship, or a very frightening place.

    Since jigoku (地獄) means “hell,” i/ichi (一) means “one,” and chōme (丁目) describes a sub-division within a certain town in Japan, the literal meaning of jigoku no icchōme is “1, Hell Street.”
    「地獄」は “hell”、「一」は “one”、「丁目」は日本のある町の中の小区分を表す助数詞であるため、「地獄の一丁目」の文字どおりの意味は “1, Hell Street” となります。

    The existence of “1, Hell Street” means that there is “2, Hell Street,” and also implies that there is “3, Hell Street” and “4, Hell Street.”

    Therefore, “1, Hell Street” is the very beginning of hell.

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