Mi wo Kogasu (身を焦がす – Consuming)

  • Mi wo Kogasu


    Have you ever fallen in love with someone and suffered because of it?

    Such a situation can be described as mi wo kogasu (身を焦がす) in Japanese.

    Since mi (身) means “body,” and kogasu (焦がす) means “to burn,” the literal meaning of mi wo kogasu is “to burn one’s body.”
    「身」は “body”、「焦がす」は “to burn” を意味するので、「身を焦がす」の文字どおりの意味は “to burn one’s body” となります。

    In other words, this phrase describes a strong feeling of love that makes you feel as if your body is burnt.

    You can also use the other verb yaku (焼く – meaning “to burn”) instead of kogasu and say mi wo yaku (身を焼く).
    「焦がす」の代わりに “to burn” を意味する別の動詞「焼く」を使って「身を焼く」と言うこともできます。

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