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Gishin Anki (疑心暗鬼 – Doubts Beget Doubts)

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    Gishin Anki


    Today, I saw a person who has a mind called ‘gishin anki‘ (疑心暗鬼).

    This four-character idiom mean to be afraid of trivial things or suspect everything.

    Gi‘ (疑) means “suspicion,” ‘shin‘ (心) means “heart” or “mind,” ‘an‘ (暗) means “dark,” and ‘ki‘ (鬼) means “ogre.”
    「疑」は “suspicion”、「心」は “heart/mind”、「暗」は “dark”、「鬼」は “ogre” を意味します。

    In other words, ‘gishin anki’ implies a mind of suspecting that there is an ogre because of the darkness.

    Originally, this idiom was used as a Buddhist term to mean to have a suspecional mind to the truth of Buddhism.

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