Harawata ga Niekuri Kaeru (はらわたが煮えくり返る – Boiling with Anger)

  • Harawata ga Niekuri Kaeru


    Today, I was about to ‘harawata ga niekuri kaeru‘ (はらわたが煮えくり返る).

    ‘Harawata ga niekuri kaeru’ means to feel anger boiling up inside someone.

    Harawata‘ (はらわた) means “guts/bowels,” ‘nie‘ (煮え) means “to boil,” ‘kaeru‘ (返る) means “to turn over,” and ‘kuri‘ (くり) is a term to strengthen ‘nie’ and ‘kaeru’.
    「はらわた」は “guts/bowels”、「煮え」は “to boil”、「返る」は “to turn over”、そして「くり」は「煮え返る」を強めるはたらきを持ちます。

    In other words, ‘harawata ga niekuri kaeru’ means that someone’s guts/bowels boil up and turn over.
    すなわち「はらわたが煮えくり返る」の文字どおりの意味は “someone’s guts/bowels boil up and turn over” となります。

    Since “guts/bowels/stomach” imply heart or mind in Japan, this phrase has the meaning of “anger.”

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