Uwa no Sora (上の空 – Absence of Mind)

  • Uwa no Sora


    Recently, I often become a state called uwa no sora (上の空).

    Uwa no sora means that you can’t concentrate on what you have to do because you can’t stop thinking other things.

    Uwa (上) means “above/upper” and sora (空) means “sky,” so the literal meaning of this term is “above the sky.”
    「上」は “above” や “upper,” 「空」は “sky” を意味するため、この言葉の文字通りの意味は “above the sky” となります。

    Originally, there were terms that mean that you don’t concentrate; kokoro sora nari (心空なり – one’s heart is in the sky) and sora naru kokoro (空なる心 – one’s heart is in the sky).

    In order to emphasize these terms, it became uwa no sora naru kokoro (上の空なる心 – one’s heart is above the sky), then changed to just uwa no sora (上の空).

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