Kinsen ni Fureru (琴線に触れる – Touching a Chord)

  • Kinsen ni Fureru


    I watched the movie Koe no Katachi (聲の形 – The Shape of the Voice) yesterday.

    Kono eiga wa, watasgu no kinsen ni fure mashita (この映画は、私の琴線に触れました).

    The idiom kinsen ni fureru (琴線に触れる) means that a great/beautiful thing impresses you or makes you sympathize.

    Kin (琴) means a traditional Chinese stringed instrument, sen (線) means “chord,” and fureru (触れる) means “to touch.”
    「琴」は中国の伝統的な弦楽器を、「線」は “chord” を、「触れる」は “to touch” を意味します。

    Thus, this idiom was born by comparing a chord of kin with a heart that is easy to resonate.

    However, some people misunderstand that this idiom means to do something to anger.

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