Amai Shiru wo Suu (甘い汁を吸う – Lining One’s Pockets)

  • Amai Shiru wo Suu


    There are people who take an action which is expressed as ‘amai shiru wo suu‘ (甘い汁を吸う) in Japanese.

    Amai‘ (甘い) means “sweet,” ‘shiru‘ (汁) means “juice” or “soup,” and ‘suu‘ (吸う) means “to suck,” so the literal meaning of this idiom is “to suck sweet juice.”
    「甘い」は “sweet”、「汁」は “juice” や “soup”、吸うは “to suck” を意味するので、「甘い汁を吸う」の文字どおりの意味は “to suck sweet juice” となります。

    Here, “sweet juice” implies profits.

    That is to say, ‘amai shiru wo suu’ means to get profits without struggling.

    You can also say ‘umai shiru wo suu‘ (うまい汁を吸う), by using ‘umai‘ (うまい – literally “delicious”) instead of ‘amai’.
    「甘い」の代わりに “delicious” を意味する「うまい」を用い、「うまい汁を吸う」と言うこともあります。

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