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Iki wo Nomu Utsukushisa (息を呑む美しさ – Breathtaking Beauty)

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    Iki wo Nomu Utsukushisa


    Lately, I work while natural landscape videos on a display installed at the back of my desk.

    I played a Russian landscape video today.

    The beautiful scene played continuously, but the scenery of jewel-like ice (probably Lake Baikal) was breathtaking.

    In the last Japanese sentence, I added iki wo nomu (息を呑む) before utukushisa (美しさ), meaning “beauty.”
    直前の文で私は、”beauty” を意味する「美しさ」に「息を呑む」という言葉をつけました。

    Iki (息) means “breath” and nomu (呑む) means “to drink/swallow.”
    「息」は “breath”、「呑む」は “drink” や “swallow” を意味します。

    That is to say, iki wo nomu implies that you are so surprised that you hold your breath for a moment, and it can emphasize adjectives.

    Today’s work did not go very well because I was fascinated by the video.

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