Asemizu wo Tarasu (汗水をたらす – Sweating Over One’s Work)

  • Asemizu wo Tarasu


    I have been working while doing asemizu wo tarasu (汗水をたらす) lately.

    Ase (汗) means “sweat,” mizu (水) means “water,” and tarasu (たらす) means “to drop (something),” so the literal meaning of asemizu wo tarasu is “to drop sweat” or “sweat drops.”
    「汗」は “sweat”、「水」は “water”、「たらす」は “drop” を意味するので、「汗水をたらす」の文字どおりの意味は “to drop sweat” または “sweat drops” となります。

    As you can guess, this idiom implies that you work so hard that you sweat.

    Of course, I am not actually sweating because it is cold.

    In English, it can be expressed as “to sweat over one’s work” or “to break one’s back.”
    英語では、”sweat over one’s work” や “break one’s back” などと言うようです。

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