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Mogo Mogo (もごもご – Muttering) and Mogu Mogu (もぐもぐ – Nom Nom)

  • Mogo Mogo and Mogu Mogu


    In my post yesterday, I explained that the onomatopoeic phrase mogo mogo (もごもご) could represent that someone talks while eating something.

    After that, I looked up the phrase in an online Japanese dictionary and found that the meaning of mogo mogo is the same as mogu mogu (もぐもぐ). Mogu mogu means 1) someone chews or says something without opening their mouth enough, 2) something moves slowly.

    It is probably true that mogo mogo and mogu mogu can be interchangeable, but I think that almost all Japanese people use these two in different cases as follows:

    Mogo mogo: someone mutters something, or something moves slowly.

    Mogu mogu: someone chews and eats something.

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