Munya Munya (むにゃむにゃ – Muttering)

  • Munya Munya


    The onomatopoeic phrase munya munya is sometimes used to represent the muttering of words that do not make sense.

    This onomatopoeic phrase was probably made just by imitating someone’s words that do not make sense. As such, there is no apparent complex etymology at work here.

    An online dictionary says that one of the meanings of munya munya is “talking with food in one’s mouth.” However, I think that this description is wrong.

    Even though munya munya can express that one chews and eats food slowly, the most appropriate onomatopoeic word is mogo mogo (もごもご), which means to talk with food in one’s mouth.
    あるオンライン辞書では “talking with food in one’s mouth” とありましたが、 口に食べ物を入れながら話すことを「むにゃむにゃ」とは普通言わないと思います。

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