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Namida ni Shizumu (涙に沈む – Bathing in Tears)

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    Namida ni Shizumu


    There are many Japanese phrases that mean crying.

    Today, I would like to introduce a quaint expression, namida ni shizumu (涙に沈む).

    Namida (涙) means “tear” and shizumu (沈む) means that something goes into water or gets depressed.
    「涙」は “tear” を意味し、「沈む」は「何かが水中に没する」「落ち込む」などを意味します。

    In other words, we can regard the meaning of namida ni shizumu as feeling depressed while shedding tears.

    However, this phrase is used when someone collapses in tears and cries nonstop.

    The person who started using this phrase probably wanted to mean to sheds buckets of tears as if one were bathing/drowning in tears.

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