OMG! I Caused A Car Accident! (゚д゚)

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    It was snowing a lot this morning.


    After I shoveled the snow that had piled around my car, I was trying to back the car from the parking area.

    I couldn’t see behind me well due to the snow, and there was a car parked behind my car.

    “Bump!” The sound made my face pale, and my stomach dropped.

    The other car’s license plate and my car’s left-side rear were dented.

    However, there was nobody in the car and the owner was close by, so we could talk to each other immediately. (I think these things were a blessing in disguise.)

    At first, I tried to call the police, but he said “You don’t need to do that.”

    As a result of our conversation, it was decided that I will only pay a fee for repairing his car.

    I was definitely relieved because no one was injured, and the car’s owner was a good man.

    I’ll be more careful from now on.

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