Yowari Me ni Tatari Me (弱り目に祟り目 – Misfortunes Never Come Singly)

  • Yowari Me ni Tatari Me


    I had used my iPhone for two years without a case or screen protector, and there were no scratches on it; however, several days ago, I dropped it on concrete, and now it has many scratches.
    私は2年間 iPhone にケースやフィルムをつけず、無傷でやってきましたが、つい先日コンクリートに落として傷だらけにしました。

    Even more unfortunately, today I dropped my MacBook Pro, which I bought a year ago for about 500,000 yen, hard on the floor and it has become bent.
    そして今日は、1年前に購入した約50万円のMacBook Proを、激しく地面に落下させ、大きく歪ませてしまいました。

    I am very, very sad.

    Such a situation can be described with the proverb, yowari me ni tatari me (弱り目に祟り目).

    Since yowari (弱り) means “weak/weakened,” me (目) means “condition,” tatari (祟り) means “curse,” the literal meaning of this proverb is “weakened condition, and curse condition.”
    「弱り」は “weakened”、「目」は “condition”、「祟り」は “curse” を意味するので、「弱り目に祟り目」の文字どおりの意味は “weakened condition, and curse condition” となります。

    In other words, it represents a situation where further misfortune happens when one’s mind or body is weak.

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