Fungiri (踏ん切り – A Drastic Decision)

  • Fungiri


    A drastic decision is called fungiri (踏ん切り) in Japanese.

    Fun/fumi (踏ん/踏み) means “to step,” and giri/kiri (切り) means “to take a drastic action.”
    「踏ん/踏み」は “to step”、「切り」は “to take a drastic action” を意味する言葉です。

    That is to say, fungiri implies that someone makes a drastic decision using a reaction of stepping hard on the ground.

    You can say something like fungiri ga tsuku (踏ん切りがつく – meaning “to make up one’s mind”) with tsuku (つく – meaning “to be in a certain state”).
    “To be in a certain state” を意味する「つく」をつけて、「踏ん切りがつく」のように使用されます。

    Note that fun (踏ん) in fungiri has the same sound as fun (糞/ふん – meaning “poop”), but its meaning is quite different.
    「踏ん」は “poop” を意味する「糞」と同音ですが、意味が全く異なるので注意してください。

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