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Omoi Koshi wo Ageru (重い腰を上げる – Bestiring Oneself)

  • Omoi Koshi wo Ageru


    Today I finally started working on a task I had been putting off.

    Such a situation can be described with the Japanese idiom, omoi koshi wo ageru (重い腰を上げる).

    Since omoi (重い) means “heavy,” koshi (腰) means “waist,” and ageru (上げる) means “to lift,” the literal meaning of this idiom is “to lift one’s heavy waist.”
    「重い」は “heavy”、「腰」は “waist”、「上げる」は “to lift” を意味するので、「重い腰を上げる」の文字どおりの意味は “to lift one’s heavy waist” となります。

    Of course, if you have a heavy waist, it is difficult to lift it and stand up.

    To lift a heavy waist implies that there will be progress in something.

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