Shirankedo (知らんけど – “I’m not sure, though” / “But who knows”)

  • Shirankedo


    I feel that the number of people who say shirankedo (知らんけど) after saying something has increased lately.

    Shiran (知らん) means “I’m not sure” and kedo (けど) is an adversative conjunction, so shirankedo means “I’m not sure, though.”
    「知らん」は “I’m not sure” 、「けど」は逆接の接続詞であるので、「知らんけど」は “I’m not sure, though” という意味になります。

    By saying shirankedo after asserting or recommending something, you can imply that it is hearsay information and you are not responsible for that.

    For example, it is used in a conversation like kore taberu to yaserurashii yo, shirankedo (これ食べると痩せるらしいよ、知らんけど – “You will lose weight if you eat this, I’m not sure, though”).

    Shirankedo was originally a Kansai dialect, but it is now commonly used all over Japan, I’m not sure, though.

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