Kodomo-beya Ojisan (子供部屋おじさん – Middle-aged Men in Children’s Rooms)

  • Kodomo-beya Ojisan


    An Internet slang term, kodomo-beya ojisan has come to be used since 2014.

    Since kodomo (子供) means “child,” heya (部屋) means “room,” and ojisan (おじさん) means “middle-aged man,” the literal meaning of kodomo-beya ojisan is “a middle-aged man in a child’s room.”
    「子供」は “child”、「部屋」は “room”、「おじさん」は “middle-aged man” を意味するので、「子供部屋おじさん」の文字どおりの意味は “a middle-aged man in a child room” となります。

    This slang term is used in a derogatory sense to describe a middle-aged man who continues to live in the child’s room of his parents’ house.

    It can also mean a middle-aged man whose personality and lifestyle remain children.

    On the Internet, kodomobeya ojisan is often abbreviated as kodo-oji (こどおじ).

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