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Hatodokei (鳩時計 – Cuckoo Clock)

  • Hatodokei


    These days, I’ve been wanting to buy a hatodokei (鳩時計).

    Since hato (鳩) means “dove” and tokei/dokei (時計) means “clock,” the literal meaning of hatodokei is “dove clock.” However, it is referred to as “cuckoo clock” in English and “kuckucksuhr” in German.
    「鳩」は “dove”、「時計」は “clock” を意味するので、「鳩時計」の文字どおりの意味は “dove clock” となりますが、英語では “cuckoo clock”、ドイツ語では “kuckucksuhr” と呼ばれます。

    A cuckoo clock is a clock that strikes the hours with a cuckoo’s call and was first made around 1750 in the Black Forest area in Germany.

    After World War II, cuckoo clocks began to be produced in Japan.

    Because cuckoos are not very auspicious in Japan, cuckoo clocks were sold under the name hatodokei.

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