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Kagishippo (かぎしっぽ – Kinked Tail)

  • Kagishippo


    There are many stray cats living around my apartment.

    Around noon today, a stray cat that crossed in front of me had kagisippo (かぎしっぽ).

    Kagi (かぎ) means “key,” shippo (しっぽ) means “tail,” and kagishippo (かぎしっぽ) is a term for representing a tail of a cat bent like a key.
    「かぎ」は “key”、「しっぽ」は “tail” を意味し、「かぎしっぽ」は鍵のように曲がった猫のしっぽを表す言葉となっています。

    A cat’s tail is commonly composed of 18 to 20 coccygeal vertebrae, and it becomes kagishippo when a part of the coccygeal vertebrae deforms or fuses.

    In Japan and China, cats with kagishippo have been believed to protect property, and they have been cherished as auspicious cats.

    Also in European countries, it seems that such cats are treated as auspicious cats.

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