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Omagari Neko (尾曲がり猫 – Cats with Bent Tails)

  • Omagari Neko


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the term kagishippo (かぎしっぽ), which represents a cat’s tail that is bent like a key.

    Such cats with kagishippo are also called omagari neko (尾曲がり猫).

    O (尾) means “tail,” magari (曲がり) means “bent,” and neko (猫) means “cat,” so omagari neko literally means a cat with a bent tail.
    「尻」は “tail”、「曲がり」は “bent”、「猫」は “cat” を意味するので、「尾曲がり猫」は文字どおり “a cat with a bent tail” となります。

    To tell you the truth, there are many such cats in Japan.

    In particular, about 80% of cats in Nagasaki prefecture are omagari neko.

    It is said that this is because Japanese people believed that cats with long and straight tails could become monsters called nekomata (猫又) and therefore have especially cherished cats with short and bent tails.

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