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Neko Kentei (ねこ検定 – Cat Test)

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    Neko Kentei


    Today, when I was looking at cats on the Internet, I found the neko kentei (ねこ検定).

    Since neko (ねこ) means “cat” and kentei (検定) means “test,” neko kentei literally means “cat test.”
    「ねこ」は “cat”、「検定」は “test” を意味するので、「ねこ検定」は “cat test” という意味になります。

    Neko kentei tests your knowledge on how to live happily with cats. It is been held annually, and about 13,000 people have taken it thus far.

    There are three levels: beginner (pass rate: 90.6%), intermediate (pass rate: 75.2%) and advanced (pass rate: 25.3%).

    The beginner level is about living with cats without stressing them out.

    The intermediate level is about taking responsibility for their quality of life and living in harmony with them.

    The advanced level is about feline physiology and requires medical know-how, in addition to an understanding of feline behavior and their emotions.

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