Oni no Me ni mo Namida (鬼の目にも涙 – Tears from the Hardest Heart)

  • Oni no Me ni mo Namida


    Is there anyone around you who is cruel and scary like an ogre?

    Although it may be difficult to imagine, even such a person could sometimes shed tears out of pity or compassion for someone.

    When you see such a scene, you can use the Japanese proverb, oni no me ni mo namida (鬼の目にも涙).

    Since oni (鬼) means “ogre,” me (目) means “eye,” namida (涙) means “tears,” the literal meaning of oni no me ni mo namida is “tears even in an ogre’s eyes.”
    「鬼」は “ogre”、「目」は “eye”、「涙」は “tear” を意味するので、「鬼の目にも涙」の文字どおりの意味は “tears in the ogre’s eyes” となります。

    These days, I think that this proverb is often used when a strict person cries.

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