Me wo Sankaku ni Suru (目を三角にする – Getting Angry with a Stern Glare)

  • Me wo Sankaku ni Suru


    When someone gets angry and lifts the corners of his/her eyes up, it can be described as me wo sankaku ni suru (目を三角にする) in Japanese.

    Since me (目) means “eye,” sankaku (三角) means “triangle,” and suru (する) means “to make,” the literal meaning of me wo sankaku ni suru is “to make one’s eyes triangular.”
    「目」は “eye”、「三角」は “triangle”、「する」は “to make” を意味するので、「目を三角にする」の文字どおりの意味は “to make one’s eyes triangular” となります。

    This phrase came from the fact that when the corners of one’s eyes are lifted up with fury, the eye shapes approach triangles.

    For example, you can say kare wa me wo sankaku ni shite okoru (目を三角にして怒った – “He got angry with a stern glare.”)怒る

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