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Shinshū Osasshi Shimasu (心中お察しします – You Have My Sympathies)

  • Shinshū Osasshi Shimasu


    When unhappy or sad events happen to someone, we sometimes say ‘shinchū osasshi shimasu‘ (心中お察しします) out of sympathy.

    Shin‘ (心) means “heart,” ‘chū‘ (中) means “inside,” ‘o‘ (お) is a polite prefix, and ‘sassuru‘ (察する) means “to guess something,” “to infer something,” or “to get a message.”
    「心」は “heart,” 「中」は “inside,” 「察する」は “to guess something” や “to infer something,” “to get a message” を意味します。

    That is to say, this phrase means that “I can infer and understand inside your heart (your feelings).”

    You can also say ‘okimochi osasshi itashimasu‘ (お気持ちお察しいたします) by using ‘okimochi‘ (お気持ち – literally “feeling”) instead of shinchū.
    「心中」の代わりに “feeling” を意味する「お気持ち」を使い、「お気持ちお察しいたします」のように言うこともできます。

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