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Ki ga Ki de nai (気が気でない – Anxious)

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    Ki ga Ki de nai


    I am terribly anxious about a certain thing and unsettling now.

    When expressing this situation, you can say “ki ga ki de nai” (気が気でない) in Japanese.

    Ki (気) means ‘feeling’ or ‘mind’.
    「気」は “feeling” や “mind” を意味します。

    Also, “A ga B de nai” (AがBでない) means “A is not B.”
    そして、「AがBでない」は “A is not B” という意味です。

    That is to say, “ki ga ki de nai” means that one’s feeling is not the (normal/usual) feeling.

    I hope the next week will come soon.

    【Example sentence】
    Shiken no kekka ga kowakute ki ga ki de nai (試験の結果が怖くて気が気でない – I am deeply concerned about the result of my exam.)

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