Furo (風呂 – Bath/Bathtub)

  • Furo


    Previously, I introduced you to the Japanese word yubune (湯船), which means ‘bathtub.’

    Today I would like to talk about furo (風呂), which is more commonly used than yubune.

    Furo mainly meant steam bath until the Edo period, but these days it means ‘bath’ or ‘bathtub.’

    You can say “furo ni hairu” (風呂に入る – entering furo) to mean to both take a shower and get in a bathtub.

    If you want to express each action explicitly, you should say “shawā wo abiru” (シャワーを浴びる – taking a shower) or “yubune ni tsukaru” (湯船に浸かる – getting in a bathtub).

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