Akubi wo Kamikorosu (あくびを噛み殺す – Suppressing a Yawn)

  • Akubi wo Kamikorosu


    It is not good to yawn when someone is talking about important things.

    If you want to yawn in such a case, you will close your mouth and try hard not to yawn.

    This act is expressed as akubi wo kamikorosu (あくびを噛み殺す) in Japanese.

    Akubi (あくび) means “yawn,” kami (噛み) means “to bite,” and korosu (殺す) means “to kill,” so the literal meaning of akubi wo kamikorosu is “to bite and kill a yawn.”
    「あくび」は “yawn”、「噛み」は “to bite”、「殺す」は “to kill” を意味するので、「あくびを噛み殺す」の文字どおりの意味は “to bite and kill a yawn” となります。

    I think that this expression is easy to convey a feeling that you do not want to yawn.

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