Shinjū (心中 – Love Suicide)

  • Shinjū


    I introduced you to the Japanese word ‘shinchū‘ (心中 – “feeling”) in my yesterday’s post.
    昨日の表現の中で、”feeling” を意味する「心中(しんちゅう)」という言葉が出てきました。

    Actually, the kanji 心中 can also be read as ‘shinjū,’ and its meaning is very different from the meaning of shinchū.

    Shinjū originally meant that a man and a woman who love each other commit suicide at the same time by mutual agreement.

    These days shinjū can also mean that several people commit suicide at the same time.

    It is said that shinjū comes from ‘shinjūdate‘ (心中立), which means to be loyal to someone.

    This implies that the ultimate loyal act between a man and a woman is a love suicide.

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