Koibumi (恋文 – Love Letter)

  • Koibumi


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese word ‘tegami‘ (手紙), which means a “letter.”
    昨日は “letter” を意味する「手紙」という日本語を紹介しました。

    Among them, letters for expressing feelings of love are especially called ‘koibumi‘ (恋文) in Japanese.

    Koi‘ (恋) means “love” and ‘bumi/fumi‘ (文) means “sentence.”
    「恋」は “love,” 「文」は “sentence” を意味します。

    Koibumi is a literal translation of the English “love letter,” and it has come to be used since around the Taishō period.
    「恋文」は英語の “love letter” を翻訳したもので、大正時代頃に使われるようになったそうです。

    However, these days the English loanword ‘raburetā‘ (ラブレター) is more general than koibumi.

    Tomorrow I would like to talk about some trivia concerning a love letter.

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