Mune wo Haru (胸を張る – Sticking One’s Chest out)

  • Mune wo Haru


    Yesterday, I did an action called mune wo haru (胸を張る).

    Since mune (胸) means “chest” and haru (張る) means “to stretch,” the literal meaning of mune wo haru (胸を張る) is “to stretch one’s chest.”
    「胸」は “chest”、「張る」は “to stretch” を意味するので、「胸を張る」の文字どおりの意味は “to stretch one’s chest” となります。

    As you can guess easily, this idiom expresses someone’s confident, imposing or proud attitude.

    In English, you can say it as “to stick one’s chest out” or “to throw one’s chest out.”
    英語では “to stick one’s chest out” や “to throw one’s chest out” のように言うことができます。

    I am not sure about that, but such actions of human beings might be global common.

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