Yubiori (指折り – One of the Best)

  • Yubiori


    Human beings sometimes bend their fingers one by one when counting something.

    To count something by bending fingers is referred to as ‘yubiori‘ (指折り) or ‘yubi wo oru‘ (指を折る) in Japanese.

    Literally, ‘yubi‘ (指) means “finger” and ‘ori/oru‘ (折る) means “to bend something” or “to fold something.”
    文字どおり、「指」は “finger”、「折り/折る」は “to bend” を意味します。

    However, this term has another meaning — it is “one of the best,” because you can count the top five on your one hand fingers.

    [Example] ‘Kare wa nihon de yubiori no pianisuto da‘ (彼は日本で指折りのピアニストだ – “He is one of the best pianists in Japan”).

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