Kusshi (屈指 – One of the Best)

  • Kusshi


    I introduced ‘yubiori‘ (指折り), which means “to count something” or “one of the best” two days ago, and introduced ‘yubiori kazoeru‘ (指折り数える) to mean the former (“to count something”) explicitly yesterday.

    If you want to mean the latter (“one of the best”) explicitly, you can use the similar term ‘kusshi‘ (屈指).

    Since ‘ku‘ (屈) means “to bend something” and ‘shi‘ (指) means “finger,” the literal meaning of ‘kusshi’ is “to bend your fingers.”
    「屈」は “”、「指」は “finger” を意味するので、「屈指」の文字どおりの意味は “” となります。

    Note that the meaning of ‘kusshi’ is “one of the best,” and it is not used to mean “to count something.”

    [Example] Kare wa sekai kusshi no shisanka da (彼は世界屈指の資産家だ – “He is one of the richest people in the world.”)

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