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Nomikomi ga Hayai (飲み込みが早い – Learning Fast)

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    Nomikomi ga Hayai


    Yesterday, I heard a compliment phrase, ‘nomikomi ga hayai‘ (飲み込みが早い).

    Nomikomi‘ (飲み込み) means “to swallow something” and ‘hayai‘ (早い) means “fast” or “quick,” so the literal meaning of ‘nomikomi ga hayai‘ is “someone swallows something quickly.”
    「飲み込み」は “to swallow something”、「早い」は “fast/quick” を意味するので、「飲み込みが早い」の文字どおりの意味は “someone swallows something quickly” となります。

    Here, ‘nomikomi’ implies that someone understands things or accepts a situation.

    That is to say, this phrase is a compliment used for people who have can understand or learn things quickly — they are good/quick learners.

    On the other hand, people who are slow to catch on things are described as ‘nomikomi ga warui‘ (飲み込みが悪い) by using the word ‘warui‘ (悪い – “bad”).

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