Shame (写メ – Photo) Part 1

  • Shame Part 1

    写メ Part 1

    Have you ever heard of the Japanese slang term ‘shame‘ (写メ)?

    ‘Shame’ is short for ‘sha mēru‘ (写メール), which is a combination of ‘sha/shashin‘ (写/写真 – means “photo”) and ‘mēru‘ (メール – means “e-mail”).
    「写メ」は “photo” を意味する「写(真)」と “mail” を意味する「メール」を組み合わせた用語「写メール」を略したものです。

    Originally, this term meant to attach a photo taken with a camera-equipped mobile phone to an e-mail.

    Later, taking photos with (and photos taken by) a mobile phone or smartphone came to be called ‘shame’.

    [Example] ‘Shame torou‘ (写メ撮ろう – “Let’s take photos (using our smartphones).”)

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