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Hara ga Futoi (腹が太い – One’s Heart is Large)

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    Hara ga Futoi


    There is an idiom, ‘hara ga futoi‘ (腹が太い) in Japanese.

    Hara‘ (腹) usually means “stomach” or “belly,” but here it implies “heart” or “capacity.”
    「腹」は通常 “stomach” や “belly” を意味しますが、ここでは「度量」や「胆力」のことを表しています。

    In addition, ‘futoi‘ (太い) means “large,” “thick,” or “wide.”
    また、「太い」は “large” や “thick”、”wide” を意味します。

    That is to say, ‘hara ga futoi’ is a compliment that means “one’s heart/capacity is large.”

    However, it could literally mean that one’s belly is big, so please be careful when you use this idiom.

    Incidentally, in several areas of western Japan, ‘hara ga futoi’ is used to mean to have a full stomach.

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